…to be and to feel himself “a new person” …

Chirurgia plastica

bellezza e chirurgia estetica….just as we have always wanted to be, this is what many people ask for a cosmetic surgery….

Aesthetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery that is mainly aimed at changing parts of the body in order to look “nicer”. Cosmetic surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery are however closely related to each other with regard to the surgical techniques used and the treatment of complications and outcomes. Any functional reconstruction also wants to be aesthetic and vice versa. The concept of beauty is always questionable and is also subject to variations over time. At the time of the Renaissance, for example, the ideal of woman’s beauty corresponded to what today we would call a fat woman. Scientifically it has been shown that many people consider beautiful that which is not exaggerated either in one way or another. No face resembles another. It is the expression of a face and its morphology that reflect its true beauty and seduction. Beauty is not an absolute fact, pleasure to oneself is the main factor of feeling good.

Cosmetic surgery must restore the harmony of a personality, freeing it from what is hindering. Plastic surgery techniques are aimed at responding to this expectation.

It is necessary to favor listening and respond to the patient’s expectations, rather than producing perfect stereotypes of morphological perfection..